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Studio 17 creative hub launch party

Studio 17 creative hub launch party | Creative Film & Marketing |
We had a great turn out to the Studio 17 creative hub launch party, the beer and bubbles flowed good times had by all.Studio 17 is a creative media hub set up by Damo Cross [Colourburn] and Jake Hitchcock [Illicit Web Design] as a collective of like minded people and companies working together ...
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80 Twitter Tools for Almost Everything

80 Twitter Tools for Almost Everything | Creative Film & Marketing |

Twitter is chaos, but in the midst of this beautiful mess is a ton of data that if you can understand it. If you ever wanted the complete Twitter toolbox this is the post for you. It's got 80 Twitter tools that can help you do everything you need in this busy social media channel.

Via Jeff Domansky, Gregg Breward
Colourburn's insight:

Get the right tools.

Willem Kuypers's curator insight, April 20, 1:50 AM

Twitter est un outil qui a changé pas mal de choses pour la diffusion de l'information. La preuve est l'ensemble des logiciels et sites qui se sont greffés dessus.

Adam J. Kovitz's curator insight, April 30, 9:53 AM

Great Post!

Jean McKinney's curator insight, May 2, 1:59 PM

"Twitter is chaos" -- a very good point.  And that's why tools to cut through the clutter are so essential.  this is really useful for writers and publishers who consider Twitter a key to their publishing and marketing efforts.

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Atrium Studio Launches at Ashburton Food Festival

On Saturday the 13th of  September Atrium Studio was launched amongst the best food and drink from the local area at Ashburton Food Festival. Atrium is a brand new studio school, specialising in the built environment. The school is set to open in September 2015 in a architectural designed b...
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Helmores branded film content

Helmores branded film content | Creative Film & Marketing |
Branded Video Content & Social MediaWe worked with Helmores over a 12 month period helping them set up and brand their Youtube channel as well as producing branded video content. The films have ranged from area and lifestyle films to customer reviews, staff insights and our personal ...
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Eye Tracking 101: How Your Eyes Move on a Website

Eye Tracking 101: How Your Eyes Move on a Website | Creative Film & Marketing |

Engage website visitors better by designing your site to match how people's eyes move on the page. Here are some surprising eye tracking stats to help.


Putting together a great looking website is a great start, but it is just a start.


True web design requires you to venture beyond the aesthetic and into the worlds of User Experience and Conversion Rate Optimization.

Knowing how the viewers of your site really see it can help to shine light on new and/or missed opportunities within your current design. It may also bring out the need for new elements or changes.


While there are plenty of options for improving CRO, eye tracking analysis provides some of the most useful information for optimizing your biggest digital marketing asset, your website.


A good design will catch people’s eye, but a great design will keep people on your site and get them engaged with your content. And while you shouldn’tunderestimate the power of good copy, your design is what people notice first.


We teamed up with our friends over at Single Grain to put together the infographic below in hopes that it will help everyone get a better, basic understanding of what eye tracking is and what it can do.

Via Russ Merz, Ph.D.
Colourburn's insight:

Being Friday, my eyes are tracking the nearest 5pm pint!

Steve Baker's curator insight, February 19, 2014 7:37 AM

Designing clean, effective websites that work and deliver clients 

Mike Milazzo's curator insight, February 21, 2014 10:09 AM

When we get past all the ads.

Gonzalo Moreno's curator insight, February 22, 2014 6:55 AM

One of my students' favorite topics... XD

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SEVEN STEPS TO THE PERFECT STORY [Fun Infographic] | Creative Film & Marketing |

Via The Digital Rocking Chair
KindredReaders's curator insight, January 2, 2014 11:45 AM

great visual reference!

Ali Anani's curator insight, January 3, 2014 1:39 AM

Creative writing in steps

Gennia Holder's curator insight, January 14, 2014 9:50 AM

This a great list, but, perfect?  I don't know about that :)  Stories aren't a magic bullet. However, applying these elements and telling the right story+right time+right audience... can make an emotional connection with your audience that impacts your business.


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The 2nd screen becomes the 1st screen "More Cracks In TV’s Business Model" NYTimes

The 2nd screen becomes the 1st screen "More Cracks In TV’s Business Model" NYTimes | Creative Film & Marketing |
Television has thrived on bundling, which offers a way of protecting things but also tends to obscure the weaknesses within. Now those flaws are becoming more apparent.

Via Gary Hayes
Gary Hayes's curator insight, April 14, 2013 9:12 PM

Quote "The second screen experience slowly replaced the first — I barely looked up at the television. CBS’s reverent, almost whispered coverage took a back seat as I programmed my version of the Masters. The function that would have allowed me to throw the Internet coverage to my big-screen television was not enabled, but that’s only a matter of time. Change often comes very slowly, but then happens all at once.

CBS paid dearly for rights to the Masters, marketers ponied up to advertise in limited spots and my cable provider paid a hefty toll in terms of retransmission fees, but there I was, staring at the device on my lap, looking at a bright future — no cable, no commercials, no bundle required.

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Seth Godin: How to get your ideas to spread #purplecow #marketing

In a world of too many options and too little time, our obvious choice is to just ignore the ordinary stuff. Marketing guru Seth Godin spells out why, when it comes to getting our attention, bad or bizarre ideas are more successful than boring ones.

Via Brian Yanish -
Brian Yanish -'s curator insight, February 9, 2013 5:25 PM

Recorded back in 2007 but still so true.

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Paid Subscription Channels Coming for YouTube

Paid Subscription Channels Coming for YouTube | Creative Film & Marketing |
youtube is taking applications for its new subscription program - but will people pay for youtube?

Via Robin Good
Robin Good's curator insight, February 1, 2013 1:18 PM

Adage reports:"YouTube is prepping to launch paid subscriptions for individual channels on its video platform in its latest attempt to lure content producers, eyeballs, and advertiser dollars away from traditional TV, according to multiple people familiar with the plans."

"The company has invited a small group of content producers to create a series of pay-per-view channels accessible to the public for a monthly fee between $1 and $5.

The first batch could be available as early as April 2013, and should not exceed 25 channels. Revenue from subscriptions would be split 45-55."

Interesting. 7/10

Full article:

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The Art and Science of Modern Marketing [Infographic]

The Art and Science of Modern Marketing [Infographic] | Creative Film & Marketing |

This article is from Eloqua and infograph from Eloqua and JESS3 marketing as we know it has changed quite a bit.


As technology has advanced, the industry has turned its eye towards more precise ways of measuring performance and engagement.


With the rise of the internet, mobile and social, you could see results as they came in. Science is the new buzzword.


You know the old lines and adages. “Marketing is a dark art.” “I know half my marketing budget isn’t wasted, I just don’t know what half.” These are common refrains of the marketing world.


Special announcement by Eloqua:


They're launching Eloqua Experience tomorrow, when modern marketers from around the globe will gather to show how they are using science and art.


Selected by Jan Gordon covering "Curation, Social Business and Beyond"


Read article and see infographic here: []

Via janlgordon, Robin Martin, Brian Yanish -
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Apple to undercut Samsung & Google mini tablets with a $250-299 'iPad mini'

Apple to undercut Samsung & Google mini tablets with a $250-299  'iPad mini' | Creative Film & Marketing |
$254.50 for the top-of-the-line 64GB 4G LTE version. Comparing these numbers with allegedly leaked retail prices from the UK, Apple will be seeing gross profit margins of 53 percent to 135 percent, much lower than its other iDevice offerings.

The third-generation iPad, which is also considered a low profit margin product for Apple, grabs a 58 percent to 103 percent margin rate. In contrast, the iPhone 5 is estimated to bring in huge margins of 213 percent to 257 percent.

While mere speculation at this point, the iPad mini's aggressive pricing structure could stymie competitors' attempts to encroach on Apple's industry-leading mobile device marketshare. As noted in a report earlier on Saturday, rival manufacturers are taking advantage of an emerging market for 5- to 9-inch devices, a gap positioned directly between the iPhone and 9.7-inch iPad that Apple has yet to fill.

Via Gary Hayes
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Mobile App Market to Almost Double This Year to 45 Billion [REPORT]

Mobile App Market to Almost Double This Year to 45 Billion [REPORT] | Creative Film & Marketing |
Smartphone users worldwide will download more than 45 billion apps this year, nearly twice the number of apps that were downloaded in 2011.

Apple, Google and Microsoft dominate the global app market, with Apple accounting for the largest portion of app downloads in 2012. Gartner projects that there will be about 21 billion apps downloaded from Apple’s App Store this year, a 74% increase from the previous year. Going forward though, Gartner predicts that these companies will see growing competition in the app market from Facebook and Amazon.

“Amazon has appealed to users with its strong brand, global presence and a good selection of high-quality content while Facebook’s recently launched App Center — supporting both mobile devices and desktops — will become a powerful competitor due to its strong brand and leading position in social networking and gaming,” said Sandy Shen, Gartner’s research director.

By 2016, Gartner estimates that there will be more than 300 billion apps downloaded annually, or more than 10 times the amount that were downloaded in 2011. While the appetite for apps will continue to increase, the appetite for paid apps will actually decline as a percentage of overall downloads.

Via Gary Hayes
Matmi's curator insight, January 23, 2013 8:04 AM

Even more reason to invest in app produced by Matmi - HK

ThierryLabro's curator insight, February 1, 2013 3:13 AM

Le marché des applications mobiles doublera cette année

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Social Producers Are The New Storytellers

Social Producers Are The New Storytellers | Creative Film & Marketing |

 A new genre of social producers are taking aim at developing content strategies that are not only consumable, they’re shareable, actionable and act as catalysts or sparks for relevant conversations


Social media is only social when it’s shared and when it sparks conversations

In these times of transition and there is no one content strategy that reaches everyone equally

These are times of context and segmentation based on psychographics not demographics


"If social media is about creating and sharing experiences through conversations and content, start first with the experiences and conversations you wish to rouse.

As you think about your content strategy for social networks, do so from the perspective of a social producer. While the social effect is certainly a goal, the social effect is also the result of social design.

In the end, people are going to talk, so give them something to talk about!"


By Brian Solis.


Via maxOz
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How to Set Up Facebook Dynamic Product Ads #facebookmarketing

How to Set Up Facebook Dynamic Product Ads #facebookmarketing | Creative Film & Marketing |

Are you familiar with Facebook dynamic product ads?

Facebook dynamic product ads allow you to reach customers with relevant offers by automatically showing them ads for the products they’re interested in.


This article shares how to set up and best utilize Facebook Dynamic Product ads.

Via Brian Yanish -
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Interserve branded video content

Interserve branded video content | Creative Film & Marketing |
BriefWe have worked with Interserve for a number of years, the client wanted a new way of communicating successful case studies to a wider audience.The Process We worked strategically with the client over a number of weeks to identify their video content needs. Having now produced a number of ...
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Creative and Media Hub in Exeter

Creative and Media Hub in Exeter | Creative Film & Marketing |
We are happy to announce that Illicit Web Design and Colourburn are joining forces! Having worked together on a number of rewarding projects, we have built up a solid working relationship and a pool of talent for web development, graphic design, film and marketing. At Colourburn we put film at...
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NEW Colourburn film production and marketing website

NEW Colourburn film production and marketing website | Creative Film & Marketing |
Our NEW Colourburn website is now live, show casing some of our film production and marketing projects. Our friends at Illicit have done a great job helping us put this together and our team have worked tirelessly to pull all the info and images needed for the film production and marketing p...
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Snapshot Of Top Instagram Influencers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Snapshot Of Top Instagram Influencers [INFOGRAPHIC] | Creative Film & Marketing |
With more than 150 million monthly active users and 55 million photos shared every day, Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media outlets today.

Via Brian Yanish -
Colourburn's insight:

The importance of using platforms which are relevent to you and not just trending for kicks.

malek's curator insight, November 20, 2013 8:40 AM

Sharing photos on Instagram is a great experience, add the square photos, the vintage filters, and you have a $1B recipe.

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The Digital Marketing Trio Of 2013 [Infographic]

The Digital Marketing Trio Of 2013 [Infographic] | Creative Film & Marketing |

Digital marketing has become one of the most focused on streams of marketing in the last few years. Three of the biggest digital marketing issues include social network marketing, mobile, SMS marketing, and content marketing. Here’s a brief look at each:

Social Network Marketing

As a marketing, you can rely on social media to connect, engage, and build relationships with current and potential customers.

Mobile / SMS Marketing

Mobile marketing is a term that covers several different methods of marketing through mobile devices. Mobile marketing can take several different shapes but one of the most popular is SMS marketing.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the development of interesting and helpful materials to engage customers and clients. Examples of content can be blogs, infographics, online tools, YouTube videos etc.


This infographic displays some eye-opening statistics about these 3 digital marketing streams and might get you thinking more about including these streams into your marketing mix.

Via Lauren Moss
Ennio Martignago's curator insight, August 29, 2013 3:01 AM

Sociale, Mobile e… Contenuti (!!!). Il terzetto di punta dell'anno in corso (e ml'olio solo di questo)

THOMAS Gwenaëlle's curator insight, August 29, 2013 3:12 AM

Le marketing digital on aime ça 

Ubleam's curator insight, August 29, 2013 3:47 AM

So do you use the smart logo :

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How To Create Presentation Slides That Are Out Of This World

Want to spice up your next corporate presentation? Take it from us, Make your next presentation Out Of This World! Download this Presentation for a Tweet here:

Via Baiba Svenca
Chantal Sim's curator insight, May 20, 2013 1:18 PM

As I always trying to make my presentation more remarkable than before, I think it is good tips for me and us. These are really nice to learn for your future presentation especially for those of who have presentation for this semester.


So if you are interested in making your presentation look fancy and effective, it will be worthy to see all the slides!

Chantal Sim's comment, May 20, 2013 1:20 PM
These are so valuable! Thank you for sharing this, appreciate so much that I can!
Karen Dietz's comment, May 20, 2013 9:09 PM
You are welcome Chantal and hope it helps your curation!
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64 Google+ Content Strategies [Infographic] | Copyblogger

64 Google+ Content Strategies [Infographic] | Copyblogger | Creative Film & Marketing |

Excerpted from article by Copyblogger:

"Google+ isn’t only a social network. It’s the very backbone (and future) of Google itself.


If you’re a writer, this is either going to be very good for your career, or you’ll risk becoming relatively invisible online.

If you’d like to land solidly in the former camp of writers, the question becomes one of how to use Google+ to further your own goals.


With that in mind, I’ve put together an infographic for you that outlines 64 strategies that every writer and content producer can put into action, and start reaping the rewards of intelligently engaging with Google+..."


Read full article here:


Via Giuseppe Mauriello
Pedro Barbosa's curator insight, February 7, 2013 10:23 AM

Pedro Barbosa | |

CristianMazzoni's curator insight, February 8, 2013 3:24 AM

Interessante #infografica su come attuare strategie per i  propri contenuti utilizzando #Google+, che personalmente ancora non utilizzo molto ma potrebbe essere uno spunto di chiarimento e comprensione...

Sylvie Mercier's comment, February 28, 2013 4:28 AM
Thanks pretty clear
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22 Rules to Phenomenal Storytelling: What Emma Coats Learned and Tweeted [Infographic]

22 Rules to Phenomenal Storytelling: What Emma Coats Learned and Tweeted [Infographic] | Creative Film & Marketing |
Former Pixar storyboard artist Emma Coats tweeted these rules: a mix of things learned from directors and coworkers at Pixar, listening to writers and directors talk about their craft, and via tria...


Love this inforgraphic to keep handy! I'll probably use it in workshops, too.


This review was written by Karen Dietz for her curated content on business storytelling at ;

Via Karen Dietz
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4 Social Consumer Segments To Watch

4 Social Consumer Segments To Watch | Creative Film & Marketing |

As social media evolves, marketers realize that a social presence is no longer an option, but a necessity. Many have noticed a disconnect, however, between consumer reach provided by social media and actual, quantifiable customer acquisition
and return on investment.


Recent research by The Incyte Group provides unprecedented insight into four major consumer segments that are researching your brand online and more importantly the best ways you can reach them.

The implications of the findings are not a one size fits all solution for social engagement.


Rather, the research provides insight into four consumer segments that can have a major impact on your social strategy if you understand what motivates them.


The e-book “The Who's Who Of Consumer Segments, an Analysis of 4 Consumer Segments and the Way They Use Online Communities to Make Buying Decisions” examines the characteristics of unique market segments that are likely to join customer communities, and discuss how you can best leverage your social media strategy to connect with each in a meaningful, valuable way.

Check out the Infographic to get a sense of who these consumers are, how they research products and services, and what motivates them.



Via maxOz
Mike Ellsworth's curator insight, February 23, 2013 6:22 PM

I just love the name of the Fashonsita Professionals segment.

Mike Ellsworth's comment, March 5, 2013 10:08 AM
Thanks for the reScoop, Benjami!
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14 Resources to Help You Write Better Marketing Copy

14 Resources to Help You Write Better Marketing Copy | Creative Film & Marketing |
Looking for a little inspiration to shift your marketing copy from blah to brilliant?

Via Gregg Breward
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Vid. Fantastic transmedia mashup of comic book, film, augmented reality, game 'Anomaly' graphic novel iPad

An upcoming graphic novel 'Anomaly' being shown with a companion iPad AR app. This is the future of graphic novels!

Anomaly, an epic science-fiction adventure, will be available simultaneously as a 370-page hardcover book and as a stand-alone tablet app narrated by some of the best-known actors in science fiction and video games. The hardcover book will be the longest full-color, original graphic novel ever published. In addition to the stand-alone tablet app, readers can download a free Ultimate Augmented Reality™ app for iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android.


Go to

Via Gary Hayes
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