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About half our donors are leaving. According to Third Sector’s latest survey half the fundraisers are close behind them. It seems the only ones staying are the beneficiaries and God knows they’d leave if they could!


Now here's an interesting article -- all about when storytelling fails.


There is little talk about how/why storytelling fails in marketing, so I appreciate this post because it starts bringing our attention to this important topic.


As the author points out, one reason stories fail when you use them is when audiences perceive your stories as hype or a new kind of sales pitch.


How does that happen? It happens when YOU don't have an emotional link to the stories. They come across as inauthentic then.


As Charlie Hume, the author says at the end of this blog post, "What’s my real goal – a bonus if I hit this quarter’s target, or a world without poverty, an end to exploitation, a cure? Am I passionately committed to making this happen or am I making a living out of people dying?"


Ouch! But good points. 


Read this article for more points about why some stories don't work. Then make sure when you create and share your stories that you are as personally inspired by them as you hope your audience is. That's the secret to success!


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