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Chrysler cites Nike, Starbucks in strategy to personalize brand

Chrysler cites Nike, Starbucks in strategy to personalize brand | Brand Marketing & Branding |
The Chrysler brand competes against other auto brands like Ford and Chevrolet. But Saad Chehab, president and CEO of Chrysler, has a few other business comparisons.
Luna Phan's curator insight, April 9, 2013 9:22 AM

By differentiating its product with other Benchmark's, Chryler had built it brand as an luxury product with limited edition and own designed in request. Customer's ownership can be fulfilled by adding some more personal details to the car. This may higher customer's satisfation as well as the brand value.  

Ilona Hussain's comment, April 9, 2013 10:25 PM
I found it very interesting how Saad Chehab decided to use the same concept as Starbucks of personalizing products. After reading the first part of the article I was unsure as to how he would go about implementing this concept; it would be very difficult (as well as expensive) to create a car which was tailored to an individual consumers personal taste. However the way Chehab implemented the new company strategy I believe was very successful. Attracting the attention of a worldwide artist like 50cent would definitely be good PR for the company especially when the music video the car features in has already been viewed 35 million time
Shiv Batta's comment, April 10, 2013 12:44 AM
Interesting. Some companies strive to create the largest target market possible, while others establish smaller segments of the market they wish to aim their product at. So in this case Chysler, which just has 3 models of cars, is attempting to become more personable. In order to be successful at indiviualising their cars, I would think that the company must be able to collect information on the individual being marketed to.
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Chrysler Group Is Ad Age's Marketer of the Year

Chrysler Group Is Ad Age's Marketer of the Year | Brand Marketing & Branding |

A frenchman restores motor city pride in a bankrupt chrysler with a series of campaigns that resonated across america and lifted sales an astounding 37%.

Bridget Sprague's curator insight, January 25, 2013 7:33 PM

Look at all of the women. I love it.