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There's a new Web curation tool on the block - meet Bundlr

There's a new Web curation tool on the block - meet Bundlr | Brand & Content Curation |
With a number of curation tools already available, is there room for another? The people behind new kid on the block Bundlr clearly believe so.

Like its rivals, Bundlr offers a bookmarklet which allows you to quickly ‘clip’ any web page into a themed bundle which you can then share online. However, the Portugese development team believe that their app can stand out thanks to a combination of real-time updates, collaboration features and the ability to embed pages – none of the other curation tools currently offer all three of these together.
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The Curation Tool Bundlr Is Open To Everyone From Today, Introducing New Features

Bundlr is now open to everyone, no more invites. Anyone can go ahead to our homepage and sign up directly with Twitter and Facebook.
Bundlr is also releasing some very requested features:
- Notes on clips
- Embedded bundles
- New timeline visualization
- Search users and bundles
- Collaboration
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