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Rescooped by Jacinda Alexander from BRANDING!

Brand Management Guides: 5 Elements of Managing your Brand

Brand Management Drivers: Developing and managing sustainable brands requires a disciplined system of delivering exceptional and relevant experiences for the customers and stakeholders through effective connections and ongoing engagement as well as...

Via Yuhang Wei, zzz
Jacinda Alexander's insight:

This article was very short and simple and straight to the point of brand management. This article has given five driving factors to managing your brand that a critical for creating and continuously managing successful brand; experience, connection, engagement, advocates and promise. All 5 factors apply when managing a brand and each have a very important role that should not be overlooked. The brand is just about how the consumer perceives it and this all results from the 5 factors. Marketers need to create an experience for the consumers so that they have a visual and positive idea in their head about the product. They need to be able to connect with the consumers by social media as majority of people use social media sites and is easy to connect and advertise a product through that. Engagement would have to be the most important factor as engagement with their consumers is vital for being able to create a relationship which can uphold to keep the consumer satisfied and loyal. Marketers need to make sure that their employees have a positive attitude and believe. This allows more positive imagery for the brand. Last of all is promise. It is important that the brand created can be trusted, allowing consmers their customer loyalty.

Anna Kong's comment, August 22, 2013 8:47 PM
I agree with Gibson, great article it's interesting and gives a good idea on what brand management is,
Matthew Randrup's comment, August 22, 2013 10:08 PM
i agree with ahmed that social media is highly important in getting consumer engagement with the brand. I like the mention of the five elements as this can be used as a format to create this connection.
Shichi Zhong's curator insight, May 14, 2014 12:27 AM

Short article but very helpful. 5 elements include: experience; connection; engagement; advocates; promise. The first one is experience which is the most important element in brand management. "you should think through the process of creating an ongoing customer and stakeholder experience", as a brand manager you should keep thinking about how the experience could influence the consumers/shareholders then can easily change the branding strategy for better experience of consumers. Other 4 elements are pretty much based on how the experience is set up.

Rescooped by Jacinda Alexander from Brands and brand management!

What the Share a Coke campaign can teach other brands

What the Share a Coke campaign can teach other brands | Brand and Brand Management |
The success of the campaign lies in offering an affordable personalised product that exists in the real and virtual world, says Tim Grimes

Via Jessie Joseph
Jacinda Alexander's insight:

This article about coca-cola was no surprise to me that it has been one of the most successful brands. I was quite amazed of how coco-cola is doing now. They know how personalize their campaign and focus the attention onto them. One of the easiest ways they managed to get a lot of people’s attention is when they launched the personalized coke bottles. There were only 150 names out there but that was enough for people to search for their name and want it! This made coke very popular and people started to talk about it a lot more. It was something small and personalized that caught the attentions of consumers. This was a simple concept that encouraged vast numbers of people to buy and share the brand in both real and virtual world. It reiterates the importance of brand perception, along with the use of advertising and social media to influence and alter consumer experience. I know that if my name was on one of the bottles I would want to look for it.

Jessie Joseph's curator insight, August 16, 2013 7:48 AM

Brand performance always comes back to the consumer which is what Coca-Cola has done with their Share a Coke campaign by connecting with their customers on a personal level. As it is important to remember that packaging is not just a container, Coke has simply made unique named cans which has obviously worked for them as it states in this article that the traffic on their Coke Facebook page has increased by an amazing 870%. This campaign has had such a high impact on social media sites as Coke incorporated the element of the all so over-used hashtag of #shareacoke to persuade customers to share the Coca-Cola brand in the real world and the virtual world. Customers are simply sharing the "name" on the cans, however they are actually sharing the Coke brand and enhancing Coca-Cola's branding. 

Kimberley Paisey's comment, August 22, 2013 7:29 AM
I wasn't surprised to hear that Coca-Cola is the worlds biggest beverage brand and as Jacinda has stated using the personalised coke bottles really encouraged consumers to look more at the product and the #shareacoke also was vastly seen across social media, also boosting its popularity. This simple concept was great for the brand management of Coca-Cola
Mele Tauveli's comment, August 22, 2013 3:47 PM
Another great article Jessie! I knew that Coca-cola's shareacoke campaign was a huge hit but it was interesting to read and find out the amount of media impressions and consumption coca-cola got out of the campaign. It is also fear to say that this successful increase can help other brands also become successful and it just goes to prove that brand plays a vital role in making a small company grow bigger or an already huge company become even more bigger and popular than ever before. I also agree with what Tau has mentioned. It's true that if Coca-cola plans to implement this campaign again in the near future it could be a threat. The reasons for this is what you've stated Tau, and also because there people out there that have already complained about the 'shareacoke' campaign. Though i think Coca-cola's has successfully enhanced their brand, Coca-cola might have to come up with another new strategy to boost up their brand in the future. Overall, i found this article interesting and useful for competitors in helping them increase their brand and therefore, gain more brand loyalty and consumer consumption.