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"...explore the expanding genre of interactive multi-media visual dictionaries by looking at two very different options.


 the  VISUAL MERRIAM-WEBSTER their Visual Multimedia 4th Edition includes:

6,000 hyperrealist illustrations20,000 defined terms covering almost 800 topicsGrouped into 17 themes that present every aspect of everyday life, from sports, astronomy, the human body and the arts to cooking, gardening and the animal kingdom. Several language interfaces (terms written and pronounced in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German)It also offers five different games that measure the knowledge of the user in each subject.........


VISUWORDS ."..also found under SnappyWords is another visual dictionary which is much more visually driven and interactive. .. I was wowed by its innovative 'feel'.


While the Merriam-Webster visual dictionary feels much like a standard picture dictionary, this site is actually well worth a visit as "dictionary" and "thesaurus" truly take on new expanded dimensions and is visually and verbally interactive.


I was mesmerized! It uses Princeton University's WordNet, which is an opensource database built by University students and language researchers.  It is available as a free resource on the web."


VIDICTIONARY : Is a new online video dictionary.  it defines and expresses words through images.  Click on the target word and a window opens up with a video describing the word and while it is (usually) read and has music to help describe it....


VOCABHEAD  for advanced students : promotes itself as a multi-sensory vocabulary trainer but can be used as a dictionary/thesaurus as well.  What's nice about VocabAhead is that it really is a multi-media means to study and build vocabulary.  You enter a word, it gives you a verbal definition, an audio recording 'reads' the definition, they use the word in a sentence, and an illustration reinforces the word's meaning. Another nice feature is.........

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