The Geography of Youth, an excellent  project that documents the experiences of millennials worldwide. | Brainfriendly, motivating stuff for ESL EFL learners |
"Two photographers are riding bicycles around the world and documenting through photographs and multimedia the lives of twenty-somethings in more than 50 countries." "When we first became interested in photographing our own generation around the world, we wanted to give our peers an opportunity to speak for themselves. We designed The Geography of Youth, a project where we would travel around the world interviewing Millennials about their lives, making their portraits and sharing their stories online, and later in a public art show. In early 2011 we ran a Kickstarter campaign, secured some sponsors, wrote grants and hit the road. We traveled mostly by bicycle from Alaska to Argentina, then in a loop around Europe and Morocco. Now we’re traveling by mini-camper-car around the United States. We’ve slept on restaurant floors and in haunted forests. We’ve eaten rat and mystery meat and street food and (so far) have only had food poisoning three times. In the grand tradition of travel we’ve learned as much about ourselves as we have about the world around us. You can follow our journey here and on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages." millennials "Now you can add your story to The Geography of Youth.Click to read stories from around the world and add your own."