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READING To use news in a lesson, a fantastic blog EnglishNewsLessons.com recommended by 

" free discussion lessons for EFL teachers / learners based on news stories from around the globe. Lesson texts are graded and designed to be easier to read so that learners can focus on discussion activities and develop speaking skills.


EnglishNewsLessons.com is an online resource for FREE downloadable news lesson plans. Lessons are updated daily from Monday - Friday. All lessons are in high-quality, full-colour pdf format. Lessons include pre-reading activities, article text, vocabulary exercise, comprehension questions, dicussion questions and writing topics. The lessons are suitable for lower-intermediate and upper-intermediate students whose native language is one other than English. The lessons are primarily designed to encourage students to develop speaking skills and are perfect to complement your existing textbooks and lessons.


 New lessons are added throughout the week and are always based on the most recent news stories the lessons come in a downloadable pdf format, and can be easily reproduced for the classroom or personal study."