Pig Business investigates the rise of factory pig farming, a system which abuses animals, pollutes the environment, threatens human health through dangerous ...


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Jamie Oliver, TV chef and campaigner

“…. I think Pig Business is an extremely important film. It really hammers home the darker side of the global pig farming industry.”


Zac Goldsmith, British MP

“What is casually described as ‘cheap food’ is so often nothing of the sort. This powerful film reveals the full impact of factory farming on people and the global environment, and exposes the horrors experienced by the pigs themselves. It will leave people in no doubt about the true cost of factory farming.”


Robert F. Kennedy Jnr, Nephew of Jack Kennedy, founder of Waterkeeper Alliance and environmental lawyer

“This film exposes the truth about factory farming. It shows how it cannot produce a pork chop or bacon cheaper than a family farmer unless it breaks the law. Factory farming profits by externalising the true costs on to the public through sickness and degraded soil, contaminated water and air. In the process it destroys both the economy and democracy by concentrating power and money into the hands of a few giant corporations. Watch the film to see how we can reclaim control over our lives.”


"What is Pig Business?



"Pig Business is a film and campaign that supports people across the world who are campaigning against factory pig farming, a system that abuses animals, threatens our health by overusing antibiotics, destroys rural communities, and pollutes the air and water. Campaigners can use one of our 20 language versions, or their country-specific version, as a tool to expose the true costs of factory farming and so empower their fight to prevent planning permission being granted for new farms and clean up or close existing farms.


In the film we explain the social, environmental and health benefits of locally produced pork and show how consumers can support sustainable, small scale, high welfare farms."


What is our aim?


To empower local campaigners living near factory farms and inform consumers, politicians, educators, institutions and government agencies of the true cost of factory pig farming.


Pig Business has been broadcast three times on Channel 4 (UK) and around the world; translated( subtitled)  into 20 languages; had 110,000 views on YouTube; we know of over 100 international screenings; 278 schools in the UK are using it as an educational resource and there have been screenings at three high profile parliamentary events.


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The trailer: 8mn 17 http://www.pigbusiness.co.uk/the_film/#celebtrailer

13 minute short: http://www.pigbusiness.co.uk/the_film/#short

The American version http://sco.lt/9HQTfF


additional videos (excellent ):



Including "The dark side of factory farming"that summarises the impacts of the overuse of antibiotics and antimicrobials in factory farming and the potential consequences for human health.