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An investigative report by Le Monde has discovered its government is running a secret operation much like PRISM.




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 NB: is an excellent source of news , many from European newpapers .

"Si les révélations sur le programme d'espionnage américain Prism ont provoqué un concert d'indignation en Europe, la France, elle, n'a que faiblement protesté. Pour deux excellentes raisons : Paris était déjà au courant. Et fait la même chose.

France 'has vast data surveillance' - Le Monde reportTelecom network cables in France The DGSE data is said to be accessed by other French intelligence agencies

France's foreign intelligence service intercepts computer and telephone data on a vast scale, like the controversial US Prism programme, according to the French daily Le Monde.

The data is stored on a supercomputer at the headquarters of the DGSE intelligence service, the paper says.The operation is "outside the law, and beyond any proper supervision", Le Monde says. is an excellent source of news , many from European newpapers . (source: Le Monde)


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Could be part of the reason why..."...Edward Snowden is having a hard time finding a government that will give him asylum. Normally, the French would be more than happy to thumb their noses at the Americans, but it doesn't make a lot of sense to if they have a PRISM program of their own.

Notice how eager the Russians are to help Snowden out (not at all).John L. Ries 5 July, 2013"

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