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As the U.S. Supreme Court makes two historic rulings in favour of gay marriage, this report examines a complex and controversial issue that has been debated by parliaments around the world.

"How is it that the Jesus movement has transformed into the sex police?" At the United Methodist Church's global convention in Tampa, Florida, delegates from around the world gather for a heated and emotional debate on the future of their church and its official policy towards homosexuality. "I think we will hear a resounding shoutback saying we can't do that," says Amory Peck, who is just one of more than 1500 United Methodist pastors who have pledged to perform same-sex weddings.


Conservative Methodists remain vehemently opposed, fearing that such changes fundamentally undermine the Christian doctrine. "If the church encourages this, it would be the death of the church itself", says Marie-Louise Kpokpo, a conservative delegate from the Ivory Coast.