Jamie Cullum's Gran Torino with lyrics


The same song with the film clip.



I just love this poetical, nostalgic, tender song, and the film too.


Jamie Cullum clever interview on writing Gran Torino lyrics and tune with Clint Eastwood - at Music Matters:9mn 36  Very interesting



I am a fan of Jamie Cullum. If you are too, here are fourteen of his songs with lyrics to be compared to the live performances.



"Gran Torino"

Realign all the stars
Above my head
The warning signs
Travel far
I drink instead
On my own
Oh,how I've known
The battle scars
And worn out beds

Gentle now
A tender breeze blows
Whispers through a Gran Torino
Whistling another tired song......


A few comments :

"'Gran Torino' is a very powerful, nostalgic ballad. It really makes me think of how bittersweet memories of your life can be. Imagine looking back and having regrets, big regrets, and feeling pain. This song really moves me. I was born in the seventies so I have some nostalgia about muscle cars and what they mean to me. Whenever I see one whether it's cherry or not, I'm back in my head, back in the past, when they were all over the streets. The music, my family, how I used to be so full of hope for the future, my future. Now, I'm not innocent anymore. Times are tough, being an adult is tough, and sometimes I wish I could know what it feels like to be so full of hope and innocence again. That's what that song means to me."


"I love Jamie Cullum. His way of expressing bittersweet melancholy is unique. So after watching the movie, this tune made so much sense...
The lyrics couldn't be more perfect. Deep and simple at the same time. That line "The world is nothing more than all the tiny things you've left behind" says to me everything about the main subject of the film and the fragility of our lives. It really touched me"