BBCLearning English- Phrasals verbs  in context + audio: 4 series of very brainfriendly  downloadable short dialogs | Brainfriendly motivating comprehension resources for ESL EFL learners |

 4 Series of twelve short contextual stories to learn idioms in context with audio and script. Click on download, on the right of the list of each series to download the script of the idioms and the mp3.

Also, click on the title of each series to get the list of episodes, then "all episodes" at the end of the list to get the complete script of the dialogs. Example:


Series 4: Mark's Email Mistake Mark, Ali and Peter work together in a typical office. But Mark isn't too keen on Peter and sometimes he even writes bad things about Peter in emails - never a good idea...


Series 3:  Bob and Jackie's Chemistry ProjectBob and Jackie are classmates, working on a very important chemistry project. They need to work as a team if they want to do well.


Series 2:  Amanda and Daisy: A friend in need?Amanda and Daisy are best friends who are going to a party this weekend... or are they? Their friendship is about to be put to the test!


Series 1:  Fred and Betty: Is this the end?Fred and Betty have been dating for years. They have always been a very happy couple... or have they?


Also check Monique Mirza's post for more phrasal verbs in context. Also from BBC learning English : Funky Phrasals | Improving LEXIS | @scoopit I learned a few..



In my opinion,  using phrasal verbs in context with audio + text is the best,  very brainfriendly way to learn and teach esl efl . Even more efficient if learners memorize the very short dialogs and act them in pairs reproducing the intonation and accent. They may record of film themselves and post the results on Edmodo, facebook, a class blog ect...


They might have fun acting different characters, moods, non verbal languages expressions as long as they perfectly reproduce the accent and stress. They may also vary the intonation.One is depressed, the other snobbish, tired, exuberant, very slow.. ect...Since the dialogs are very short, this could be easy to do. Most of the intelligences would then be used to learn, and the fun they would have would make it even more effective.

Excellent for flipped learning.


I think contexualising  grammar, vocab learning with audio or video is the best way to learn a language. i am surprised that so few publishers do it