Create "Hand Drawn" animations on the iPad | видео для образования |


If you are a fan of the animated "hand drawn" videos that have been been made popular by the RSA then you may be interested in VideoScribe HD.


By selecting elements such as  icons arrows and backgrounds from the libraries provded, it is a relatively straightforward process to storyboard these videos, after which the  Videoscribe app  automatically creates a video sequence 'drawn' by an animated hand.  


I think there is a lot of potential for educators and students to come up with some innovative and creative results. The only downside might be if they become too ubiquitous and people become indiffrent to the format


Get VideoScribe HD on the Apple App Store; £2.99. There is also a free online browser based version together with a paid-for Pro Desktop version available on the Sparkol Web page.

Via theo kuechel