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you got another round of the Standing crunch polls and start-up are working against yourself those arms point that never really nice and high crunching or shoulders down forward into that Ni Scuba gone just five seconds left for all most done and let her relax are dry to go one more round to the flutter kicks bags come up dropped one out and start that motion almost done to relax could stand back up for next cardio exercise power skips ready and begin now the idea this one is to doe skipping motion trying to drive your knee and arm up as high as you possibly can as quickly as you possibly can force yourself off the ground in a nice high jump to alt a back and forth between arm and leg you will have your left arm and right leg up and then also to the other side is causing back and forth nice quick motion try to push a hundred percent into it every single skip five seconds left for almost done keep you going on and let her relax I can drop back down on the ground her neck score exercise the windmill jackknife crotch two-star those knees an armed pardon may extend those arms out to extend those legs out the same time keep that belly button called in nice and tight Press that lower back flags that matter you again nice boxers honors arms and legs making sure