The 10-Minute Technique to Becoming a More Productive Writer | VISUAL PROSPERITY by Cynthia Bluenscottish Ross |

When it's compelling enough, the right vision feels like it pulls you toward your goals, making everything you do feel easier. But uncovering that vision doesn't always come easily...


Late last year, when I interviewed Brian Clark about his approach to productive blogging, he said something that really struck me as a writer.


Brian’s big on vision — he told me that he believed his vision for his online business was pretty much the key to his success as both a blogger and business owner.

As he said, “It feels really great when you do what you know needs to be done, because you’re getting one step closer to seeing your vision, in one form or another, coming true.”


Having a clear, compelling vision will instantly make you more productive — you’ll “know what needs to be done.”


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