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As I read through the social media networks, the concept of information overload is continually being discussed.... I have re-framed information overload from being discussed as a cautionary consequence of the technology age to us living in a time of information abundance.
As educators, we have this gift of information abundance. It should be leveraged and strategically used for our own and our students’ learning. When educators do not acknowledge, incorporate, and integrate the many types and uses of our real world technologies, they are failing their students.
John Shank:

How do librarians adapt the way we approach what we do when we come from a tradition of information scarcity to an information age when information abundance is the new norm?!
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 A great post by Jackie Gerstein! She outlines 5 significant implications for education that educational leaders, policy makers and educators themselves need to heed.

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I've become more than a little obsessed with adding social learning to the educational offer for adults.  This post is a timely reminder that more fundamental changs are required, where educators are no longer the gatekeepers to information, open access to the internet is more important than expensive text books and information and digital literacies need to be embedded across the curriculum.


As a bonus, right at the end there is a great Pezi  on Personal Learning Networks or Students.  Brilliant :)

Sponsored by the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), this one-of-a-kind book demonstrates the best tools, resources, and techniques for discovering, selecting, and integrating interactive open educational resources (OERs) into the teaching and learning process. The author examines many of the best repositories and digital library websites for finding high quality materials, explaining in depth the best practices for effectively searching these repositories and the various methods for evaluating, selecting, and integrating the resources into the instructor’s curriculum and course assignments, as well as the institution’s learning management system.

John Shank:

All, never expected to have this book make CHOICE's OATs selection for 2014. Thanks for all your efforts with getting this work published between JB & ACRL.!

"As academic libraries evolve to meet the changing needs of their surrounding communities, we are beginning to engage with these communities in new ways, such as participating in efforts to transform teaching and learning. These shifts in services and roles can be challenging. As we try to figure out how to adapt and move forward, we need to apply new approaches to the way we think and problem solve. Enter the processes of design thinking and rapid prototyping"!
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Do you want to change student lives and work with a great group of people at a innovative university. Check out our new library faculty job!!
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"Our special report "Libraries: The Next Chapter" examines how Nebraska libraries are keeping up with changes in technology and consumer demands. In this story, NET News reporter Ben Bohall takes us to the changing academic landscape of the college library"!
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The Blended Librarians Online Learning Community on Thursday, May 12th hosted a webcast presentation and discussion with Rachel Ivy Clarke, Ph.D.Clarke discussed the theoretical underpinnings that distinguish design knowledge from scientific knowledge and how it is relevant to research, teaching and practice in librarianship.!
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US institutions of higher education and US local governments are under extraordinary pressure to cut costs and eliminate from institutional or governmental ledgers any expenses whose absence would cause little or no pain.!
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Thank you very much. I just read the article. It's very inspiring, I think, also for public librarians!
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No I say! A thousand times no!
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I agree - more relevant today than 2000 yrs ago!
Join the Blended Librarians Online Learning Community this Thursday, May 12th at 3:00 pm EST for a webcast presentation and discussion about re-conceptualizing Librarianship as a design discipline with Rachel Ivy Clarke. 
To learn more about the webcast visit:!
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In September 2012, ACRL was awarded a National Leadership Demonstration Grant of $249,330 by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) for the project “Assessment in Action: Academic Libraries and Student Success” (AiA). Undertaken in partnership with the Association for Institutional Research (AIR) and the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU), the grant will support the design, implementation and evaluation of a program to strengthen the competencies of librarians in campus leadership and data-informed advocacy.!
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I was asked to answer the following question for this week’s 2016 National Library Week theme - “Libraries Transform.” “What big change are you implementing that is helping your library transform?”!
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“We have a number of findings that show faculty members are paying more attention to students' skills and that they’re looking at the library as a partner,” said Roger C. Schonfeld!
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Great research on how the internet is changing how faculty, staff and students view and work with data, and the underlying skills needed by today's workforce.  In many ways, these are the same issues for decades ago.  The difference is that we are moving from the challenge of finding data to understanding and analyzing the data.

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We always knew library instruction was important

Recorded on Thursday, March 17, 2016, this webcast highlights a presentation and discussion with Lauren Hays and Mark Hayse, co-directors of the library-based Center for Games & Learning (CGL) at MidAmerica Nazarene The CGL, a recipient of a 2014 IMLS-funding initiative, curates a collection of 300+ tabletop games for learning 21st Century Skills. 21st Century leadership demands expertise in skills such as communication, collaboration, problem solving, flexibility, creativity, innovation, and information literacy.!
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Join the Blended Librarians Online Learning Community on Thursday, March 17 at 3:00 pm EDT for a webcast presentation and discussion with Lauren Hays and Mark Hayse, co-directors of the library-based!
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I will be presenting this today as a Library 2.013 pre-conference event,  Connected Librarians Day. Hope you see you online.


Blended Librarianship and Blended Librarian Presentation Overview based on the article Shank, John D., and Steven Bell. “Blended Librarianship.” Reference & User Services Quarterly 51, no. 2 (2011): 105-110.
John Shank:

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'Librarians need to move from being knowledgeable and start being knowledge-able' John Shark 


Great presentation on how a librarian can make a difference in education.

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The Proceedings of the 2014 Library Assessment Conference: Building Effective, Sustainable, Practical Assessment are now available on the conference website. The fifth Library Assessment Conference, held in Seattle, Washington, brought together 600 participants from 47 US states, 8 Canadian provinces, and 14 countries outside of North America. The program offered panel, paper, lightning talk, and poster presentations covering all areas of library assessment. Session themes represented the diversity of assessment efforts and included sessions on data visualization, librarian liaisons, public libraries, and collaboration outside the library...!
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Date: Thursday, March 17, 2016 Time: 3:00 pm EDT Duration: 60 min Join the Blended Librarians Online Learning Community on Thursday, March 17 at 3:00 pm EDT for a webcast presentation and discussion with Lauren Hays and Mark Hayse, co-directors of...!
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The job is as multifaceted as it is hard to define. But some qualities are crucial: technical ability, design skills, pedagogical knowledge, and a deft interpersonal touch.!
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The Mary Idema Pew Library has quickly become a staple of the Grand Valley State University community. Hosting large events such as the annual Teach-In, Exam Cram activities and special exhibits, the library may also contribute to a much larger aspect of college: retention rates.!
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In this section, I am attempting to consolidate current job positions in libraries that require instructional design and technology skills. If you have a job posting you'd like me to add, please contact me through my Bio page. 

John Shank:

If your looking for jobs that merge library & ID skills sets this is a great resource. Enjoy!!
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When library deans and directors make public statements, they invariably acknowledge staff as the library’s most important asset. It seems that this platitude is becoming increasingly relevant as academic and research libraries make the transition from collections-centered to services-centered organizations.…
John Shank:

The skill set and knowledge blended librarians possess should position them well for future library jobs.!
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We experimented with gamification here at the Blended Librarians Online Learning Community – though not too successfully. It was great to learn about Credly and how to integrate it into our Community.!
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2016 Higher Education Technology Conferences provided by Unizin
John Shank:

Here is a short list of edtech conferences for 2016 that can help you keep up with the tech. trends in Higher Ed.!
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John Shank:

Looks like a great site for podcasts on leadership & training info.!
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Libraries have long functioned as collaboration hubs - should we brand them the collaboratoriums for the digital age?!
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Libraries are now the leading place where the public accesses 3D printers. Whether it’s to provide increased opportunities for children to experiment with new technologies or encourage new technology-based innovation in small business, policymakers should look to include libraries in their policies and programs.!
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