Atlantis | Photographer : Jean-francois Campos | BLACK AND WHITE |

Jean-François Campos is born in 1966 in Aix-en-Provence?
He started to photograph in 1988 on a trip to Berlin. He went on his story in 1989, during the fall of the wall. this work is exhibited in a show named "Berlin, open heart" at the FNAC in 1990.
The very same year, he won the Angénieux Foundation Prize and the Mediterranean Europe young creators biennale. In 1992, he started a permanent collaboration with the paper Libération that went on until 1996. he portrayed Jacques Chirac during the seven-month presidential campaign.
He joined Agence Vu in July 1995 whe he covered Avignon Theatre festival.

Jean-François Campos is now a fashion photographer. Most photographs of Jean-François Campos invite us into a clean and romantic world.