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Фото и рисунки интересных людей, гламурные фото от лучших фотографов, красивые рисунки замечательных художников. Фанстастическо мышление, рисунки в стиле фентези, сказка, красивые иллюстрации. Профессиональны фото.


Twilight Tales

In Japan, I discovered the works of Lotte Reiniger. I saw some very good cartoons where the shadows made it very effectively evoking the posture of the protagonists and the plot was more striking narrated.

So I noted in my notebook December 5, 2006: “Shadow and narration. Photography”…

One day, I took my camera and I went down into the courtyard. My 5 year old girl looking for ladybugs and snails in the pile of dead leaves that lay along the shed. She wants to give me the benefit of each of these discoveries.

It is by chance seeing our shadow on the lawn that I remembered the work of Lotte Reiniger.

I came back at home to draw an animal on thick paper. The animal is a fawn paper which I drew the outline of a box that I put on a low wall. The photo was taken at dusk. The best time to photograph the shadows.- Serge Bouvet