Street photography | Photographer: Siegfried Günther | BLACK AND WHITE |

A dynamic Gallery in London that exhibits the work of Siegfried Günther on large High Definition screens.


Siegfried Günther is a German-born photographer who lives in France.

There is something about the making of photographs in public places that resonates with Siegfried Günther more than any other kind of photography.

Siegfried Günther is fascinated by the things that I ‘choose’ to photograph when he leave the house with his leica camera but without a ‘story’ or ‘brief’ to fulfill.


"I started photography very young inspired by my father using a Rolleiflex. I started with 24x36 reflex cameras and moved definitily to Rangfinder with the Leica M cameras in 1983 with an M6. Photograpy is part of my life but not my job. It gives my fun. Photography allows my to fix the time or in real life that means "tempus fugit". I was born in 1954, Leica M3 and Kodak Tri-X go live at the same time. Is this prediction?"- Siegfried Günther