Autorickshaw | Photographer: Serge Bouvet | BLACK AND WHITE |

Autorickshaws are common all over India, and provide cheap and efficient transportation. New auto rickshaws run on CNG and are environmentally friendly. Autorickshaws are found in cities, villages and in the countryside.

There are two types of autorickshaws in India. In older versions the engines were situated below driver's seat. In newer versions engines are in rear portion. They normally run on petrol, CNG and diesel. The seating capacity of a normal rickshaw is 4, including driver. 

There are also six-seater rickshaws in parts of Maharashtra. In cities and towns across India it is the backbone of city transport. Normally their fare rates are controlled by the government with traffic meters.

CNG autos were distinguishable from the erstwhile petrol-powered autos by having a green and yellow livery as opposed to the earlier black and yellow. Certain local governments are pushing for four-stroke engines instead of the current two-stroke versions.