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Khaled Hasan is a Documentary Photographer. He has been awarded as 2008 All Roads Photography Program of National Geographic Society for his Documentary. Living Stone is one of his long term Project.


From Khaled Hasan’s work, “Terror Beat of Acid.”  In January 2010, 23-year-old Nasrina’s husband attacked her with acid. He was not satisfied with the dowry her parents paid. After two years of marriage, he wanted more. Her mother, who sells rice cakes to earn a living, refused to pay more. Her husband beat her up till she fainted, and when she was unconscious he threw acid on her face, neck and hands. Acid melts the tissues and even dissolves bones. Often eyes and ears are permanently damaged. Many victims have to undergo dozens of reconstructive surgeries to lead an independent life. No funding is available for cosmetic surgery, and most victims are from rural areas and can never afford expensive treatments. As such they are scarred for life and very few ever get married.