A Warm House Thanks to Polar Bear Principle | Biomimicry | Scoop.it

"[...] the ‘polar bear pavilion’ is a prototype of a textile membrane structure, which offers new energy saving solutions for human habitations. The name says it all – despite the fact it is not intended for them, the inspiration for the outer layer of the building came from polar bears. “We came across the polar bear principle when we were studying older bionics books from the 1980s and decided to use it for our work on textile membrane structures. Rather than copying it directly, we studied the physical properties of polar bear skin and used other materials to imitate it,” said project leader Dr. Thomas Stegmaier of the Institute of Textile Technology and Process Engineering (ITV) in Denkendorf. "


Photo details: Polar Bear (Sow) , Kaktovik, Barter Island, Alaska. Copyright © 2007, Alan D. Wilson. http://www.naturespicsonline.com