Informatics Vendors Look for Edge as Genome Sequencing Pushes into Clinical Use | BioInform | Informatics | GenomeWeb | Biomarkers and Personalized Medicine |

"As genome sequencing continues to makes inroads into clinics, established vendors and small startups are honing their informatics portfolios to tap into the growing market for software in this setting.

Some of these companies, such as Knome, Omicia, Cypher Genomics, and Personalis, are providing tools and services to aid researchers with functional interpretation of genomic data. Others, like GenomeQuest, are venturing more aggressively into the clinical diagnostics arena where unclear regulatory requirements make for murky waters.

Speaking with BioInform this week, Richard Resnick, GenomeQuest's CEO, noted that regulatory agencies "still haven’t figured out what to do with software companies" like his own, which can’t be classified as labs and made subject to CLIA regulations..."