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Rescooped by Pedro Fernandes from Plant Genetics, NGS and Bioinformatics!

Benchmarking RNA-Seq quantification tools

Benchmarking RNA-Seq quantification tools | Bioinformatics Training |
RNA-Seq, a deep sequencing technique, promises to be a potential successor to microarrays for studying the transcriptome. One of many aspects of transcriptomics that are of interest to researchers is gene expression estimation.

Via Ali Taheri
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Scooped by Pedro Fernandes!

Manual for the geneXplain platform_2.4

Pedro Fernandes's insight:

The company geneXplain (Wolfenbüttel, DE) offers free basic accounts for using this software patform. For heavy users handling long term projects, space in their servers in the cloud is available for rental. TRANSFAC and TRANSPATH datav«bases are integrated (but require a license).  Contact

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