Massive Open Opportunity: Supporting MOOCs in Public and Academic Libraries | Bioinformatics Training |

What is the role of public and academic libraries in supporting MOOCs (maasive open online courses), or why would MOOCs need libraries?  


There are multiple potential roles for libraries in the MOOC development, support, assessment, and preservation process, some of which have been more fully explored than others in the few months since Coursera and EdX began rolling out offerings.


One important role has to do with librarians helping faculty ensure the materials they use to create their MOOC presentations and readings are not going to get them or their institutions into trouble as far as copyright content is concerned.


Then there's another potential role for libraries to curate and preserve the user-generated content—student work—that is created during a MOOC.

The Library as Content Creator has received considerable attention in the OCLC symposium aside from the possibility of libraries offering MOOCs on research skills, such as how to navigate databases and recognize seminal articles.

Via Fe Angela M. Verzosa