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Como mejor se defiende a la libertad de expresión es ejerciéndola. Se requiere un periodico estudiantil por cada escuela en el mundo
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Curating Your Sources Is As Important As Curating Your Content

Curating Your Sources Is As Important As Curating Your Content | Bilingual News for Students |
Robin Good: Gideon Rosenblatt has a good article out on his blog Alchemy of Change, explaining how important it is for curators to explore and expand their news and content sources to avoid becoming another megaphone for what everyone else is already sharing.

He writes: "...when it comes to networking information, curating content is only half of the problem.


The other half is curating people.


When we take the time to build interesting, diverse circles on Google+ or lists on Twitter, we improve the way we filter information. It’s up to us.

We can pursue strategies that concentrate the stream of content into just the same old stuff, or we can go out of our way to increase the diversity – and the quality – of what comes to us.


It’s all in the people we follow.




In the world of the information networker, curating content is only half the game. The other half is curating the curators.

And in that power to choose our connections, rests our ultimate power to reshape our information filter bubbles and radically improve our perception of reality."


Rightful. 8/10

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Via Robin Good
Tom George's comment, June 23, 2012 3:05 PM
Hey Michelle,
Great piece here and so true. We must curate the curators. This belongs on the Billboards can you share it there? I hope all is going well for you.
Michelle Church's comment, June 23, 2012 3:58 PM
I sure will...I meant to earlier really...All is well here. Hope the same is true for you.
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Digital Content Curation: Good Advice On How To Become A Content Curator

Digital Content Curation: Good Advice On How To Become A Content Curator | Bilingual News for Students |

Robin Good: If you are a librarian, an information scientist or someone who has been trained to sift through lots of information and to extract valuable insight, you will enjoy reading this article by John Warrier published today on Library Journal. 


Mr. Warrier, who is information librarian, has two jobs. The first is as a librarian at a community college. The second as a content curator at where he "highlights" neat, odd, and fascinating bites of amusement, from the latest breakthroughs across hundreds of topics.


In the article he shares his insight and advice about content curation and on what it may take for newbies to break into this field.


"...content curators focus on the news needs of particular professions and industries."


Professional News Curation Examples

1) The staff of, for example, provides public relations professionals with the latest and the best news about that industry.

2) keeps track of the newest and hottest trends in art and industrial design.

3) highlights news about world markets.


Getting Started

You can get started in content curation quite quickly.


a) All you need is a social media platform, such as a blog, Twitter feed, open-access Facebook page, or Google+ profile.

b) Find the best content and add new items daily.

c) Focus not on your own interests, but those of your readership.

d) Prove that you can draw readers as a trusted source and keep them coming back for more.

e) Then you should try to secure an internship.

Many content curation firms, such as Mediaite, Gawker and Flavorwire, offer internships that will give you hands-on training in the field. They’ll train you to examine your audience, compile potential sources and pitch your content to the audience in an attention-grabbing way."


Full article: 


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