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The Inside and Outside View of Innovation

The Inside and Outside View of Innovation | biglife |


How can companies ensure that a promising initiative receives the necessary resources? And why do so many brilliant inventions fail while other seemingly mediocre offerings succeed? Such questions are addressed in two recent books — Unrelenting Innovation: How to Build a Culture for Market Dominance, by Gerard J. Tellis and The Wide Lens: A New Strategy for Innovation, by Ron Adner. The first book concentrates on a company’s internal workings, while the latter focuses on its external environment.


In Unrelenting Innovation, Tellis asserts that the single most important driver of innovation in any organization is its culture, and he cites three organizational traits important for innovation: a willingness to cannibalize existing products, a risk-taking attitude and the ability to focus on the future. Many companies have a hard time commercializing radical innovations, Tellis notes, because these would hurt the company’s existing products. To counter such tendencies, Tellis offers three practices: providing the right incentives, fostering internal markets and empowering “innovation champions” within the organization.

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innovation is key for growth and Life echo system. every new learning or struggle for existence will create innovation.

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Two recent books focus on different aspects of innovation — within and outside the organization.

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Energy Efficiency Can Make Billions While Fighting Climate Change

Energy Efficiency Can Make Billions While Fighting Climate Change | biglife |
Energy efficiency could be a huge investment opportunity in the U.S., but better policies are needed to unlock financing, according to a new Ceres study.

Energy efficiency could be a several hundred billion dollar investment opportunity in the United States, but better policies are required to unlock broad-based financing from institutional investors, according to a new study by investor advocacy group Ceres.

The study details the results of a survey of nearly 30 institutional investors and other experts from the energy, policy and financial sectors that identified three areas of policy:

utility regulationdemand-generating policies and innovative financing policies

The study finds that these three areas have the potential to take energy efficiency financing to a scale sufficient enough to attract significant institutional investment.

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save echo system

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