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Social Media Analysis of the Syrian Conflict

Social Media Analysis of the Syrian Conflict | Bits 'n Pieces on Big Data R&D |

But the event most heavily covered by social media is the civil war in Syria, which has now raged for almost three year. The conflict has been extensively recorded on videos which are regularly uploaded to YouTube and then tweeted around the world. All sides in the conflict seem to be engaged with numerous social media accounts.

So an interesting question is to what extent does social media activity reflect the situation on the ground. That’s exactly the problem addressed today by Derek O’Callaghan at University College Dublin and a few pals. Their conclusion is that “social media activity in Syria is considerably more convoluted than reported in many other studies of online political activism that find a straightforward polarization effect.”

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The paper can be found in: (Online Social Media in the Syria Conflict: Encompassing the Extremes and the In-Betweens)

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DIY Graph Search - Max De Marzi @ GraphConnect Boston + Chicago 2013

Facebook Graph Search has given the Graph Database community a simpler way to explain what it is we do and why it matters. I wanted to drive the point home by b

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