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"The Big Data marketplace is diverse and growing. It has a host of companies selling products that are called big data solutions but some of that is opportunism and some is deliberate obfuscation of the concept."


After reading this article, I couldn't help but add some more depth. "Shopping in the Big Data Marketplace" fails to mention the leader in this space, MarkLogic who has been providing powerful, accessible and trusted technology in this space longer than any of the vendors mentioned in the article. This isn't hype.


There's one absolute way to validate this - Read about the customers who use MarkLogic today including the BBC, MModal, Conde Naste, Zynx, countless government agencies. A more complete view is available here:


Why did these organizations decide to use MarkLogic? It's an enterprise grade, hardened Big Data platform that works. Some of the capabilities provided out of the box include:


 - MarkLogic distributes Hadoop

 - User-Defined functions

 - In-database Analytic Functions

 - Visualization Widgets

 - Real-time, flexible indexes

 - Multilingual full-text search

 - Schemaless design

 - Scale out on commodity hardware with auto-sharding

 - Tiered storage

 - Alerting and event processing

-  Geospatial query

 - Java API


 - JSON Support

 - MarkLogic Content Pump

 - BI Tools Integration

 - Application Builder

 - Information Studio

 - Connector for Hadoop

 - Monitoring and Management

 - Support for Linux, Windows, Solaris, MacOSX, SUSE, VMWare

 - Superclusters

 - Transactions

 - Role-based Security

 - Automated failover

 - Replication

 - Journal archiving

 - Point-in-time recovery

 - Database rollback

 - Backup/Restore

 - Distributed transactions

 - Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (ISO 15408)


Here's a link to a video you can watch about how the BBC Olympics Website was built on this proven, trusted technology: