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bibliotheques, de l'air
d'autres façons de voir, des pistes à creuser (ou pas) ; fil de veille de charlotte henard
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The corridor of uncertainty: Library extreme makeover

The corridor of uncertainty: Library extreme makeover | bibliotheques, de l'air |
However there may be other roles for libraries to adopt and one possible avenue is described in an article on the excellent news site Mind/Shift, The public library, completely reimagined.


à propos du FabLab de la #bibliothèque de Fayetteville, US

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Community (is greater than) eBooks [Justinthelibrarian]

Community (is greater than) eBooks [Justinthelibrarian] | bibliotheques, de l'air |


Petit tour d'horizon de projets US  basé sur l'inclusion, l'innovation, le DIY (including Le FabLab de Lafayetteville)


"New technological developments have changed the way we interact with information, allowing us to become “creators” rather than just “consumers.”

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