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Land Your Next Job with a 140 Character "Twesume" on Twitter

Land Your Next Job with a 140 Character "Twesume" on Twitter | Job Seekers Advice with Street Smarts |

In essence, a Twesume is a short bio or resume condensed into 140 characters or less, which can be tweeted, messaged or emailed to potential employers.

Twesumes help job seekers get noticed by companies who use social recruiting. With the Twesume, a job seeker can introduce himself and engage with an employer in less time (and space) than a traditional resume and cover letter could ever manage.

How Can I Write My Own Twesume?

All you need is a Twitter account and something to say. Once you have your Twitter account squared away, write your very own Twesume. While the Twesume can be anything you like, try to include this information: what you do, an accomplishment, a goal, skills and/or a link to a detailed profile or website.


Santa Claus: World traveler and toy expert. 300+ years management experience. Looking for position in entertainment industry. #twesume

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Expand Your Job Search with Twitter

There are many social networking tools to expand your job search. You can network on LinkedIn, uncover job leads from friends and family on Facebook, or use Twitter to follow specific companies.

Twitter may provide more opportunities for people in some profession, like information technology, marketing, or business.

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