The power of storytelling, the key to consumer engagement | #BetterLeadership |

Brands that succeed draw the consumer with a compelling narrative: Gatorade's replay series was a first-class example...


The winning formula for consumer engagement is storytelling. It sounds simple, but we only need to look back through history to see the impact that stories have had on shaping our lives: how we live them, why we live them and what it means to be human.


Narratives as powerful as the Bible, to ancient myths and Shakespeare's prose, speak to the heart, teaching us how to relate to one another and guiding us into action. Let's not forget that stories are easier on the ear than detached advertising taglines.


Studies of human psychology have found that if we are told something through narrative, we are more likely to relate to the message, absorbing it further and remaining engaged from start to finish.

For a brand to appeal to consumers and replicate this empowering engagement, its content must tell a story, one that draws us in, broadens our horizons and delivers added value to our lives.

But how do brands do it?

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Via Maria Cristina Terenzio