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From George Couros:


Working with a group of administrators in Coquitlam, BC, I talked about some of the things that we have done in Parkland School Division to push our thinking ahead in the way that we are trying to improve teaching and learning. Although the list below is not meant to be sequential, they are meant to help others focus on how they can create an innovative culture as opposed to simply having “pockets”. Although we have a lot of work to do within our own school division, we have taken some huge steps in the last few years.


===> What would our kids gain from us if, as educators and parents, we did a better job of showing that we too are learners? What would schools be like if the adults in the building purposefully and explicitly lived and shared the process of being a learner? What would education be like if we adults intentionally created opportunities to be co-learners with the children that we serve? <===


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