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You are looking for new contacts and / or new business opportunities. LinkedIn is a good tool to achieve these goals. Here's an article that will give you some tips, how you can succeed in your step. [note mg]


Somewhere along the line you started treating it more like a resume. It's time to fix that.


Overall, LinkedIn is the best social media platform for entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals. Unfortunately, your LinkedIn profile may not be helping you to create those connections.


So let’s tune yours up with six simple steps:


Step 1. Revisit your goals.

Step 2. Layer in your keywords.

Step 3. Strip out the clutter.

Step 4. Reintroduce your personality.

Step 5. Take a hard look at your profile photo.

Step 6. Get recommendations.


Read more: http://www.inc.com/jeff-haden/how-to-market-yourself-with-linkedin-profile-6-steps.html

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