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Popular "disruptions" have the buzz but might put higher education out of reach for those students who need traditional instruction the most. ...

Unfortunately, Mr. Vaidhyanathan says, the discussion of college reinvention represents a watering down of higher education's social contract—a process that has been in the works for decades. "What it is going to take to reinvigorate higher education in this country," he says, "is a strong political movement to champion research, to champion low tuition costs as a policy goal, to stand up against the banks that have made so much money lending for student loans, and to reconnect public institutions to their sense of public mission."

"That is going to be a long process," he says. "It has taken 20 years to press universities down into this cowering pose, and it is going to take 20 assertive years to get back to the point where Americans view American higher education the way the rest of the world does."


Via Peter B. Sloep