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Scooped by Miloš Bajčetić

Making Friends With Failure

Making Friends With Failure | Learning & Mind & Brain | Scoop.it
There is a major disconnect between schools and the real world on the notion of failure. School teaches us there is only one answer for every problem. And if we don't get it, we are a failure. This dissuades students from trying -- they fear failure. We need to teach students how to make friends with failure.
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Rescooped by Miloš Bajčetić from Eclectic Technology

Re-Defining Failure

Re-Defining Failure | Learning & Mind & Brain | Scoop.it

"No failure means no risk, which means nothing new," says Vinod. I couldn't agree more.


"Create a culture of experimentation," he adds. "If everyone stuck to being well behaved there would be no progress."

Via Beth Dichter
Beth Dichter's curator insight, August 16, 2013 10:55 PM

Check out the notes from the talk above, consider watching the video embedded within the post and think about new ways to work with your students this year about the concept of failure. If you are an engineer failure you understand that failure is a teaching tool, allowing you to improve the project, but in education most students consider failure just that...they have failed. A couple of quotes found in this visalization are below. What are your thoughts as you read them?

* Have courage. It's not easy to do new things!

* No failure means no risk which means nothing new.