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Rescooped by Miloš Bajčetić from Eclectic Technology

The Student-Centered Classroom - Liberate Learners To Flip Their Own Lessons

The Student-Centered Classroom - Liberate Learners To Flip Their Own Lessons | Learning & Mind & Brain | Scoop.it

"The expanded availability of easy tech tools has empowered educators to rethink homework and daily instruction. Flipping the classroom with teacher-made videos allows students to self-direct their at-home learning. Many of these clips, however, still involve a one-day delivery of information, from teacher to student. Another approach is to allow children to make their own educational videos. They can enlighten their classmates with their creations, and they can teach themselves the material and the skills during the process of production."

Via Beth Dichter
Beth Dichter's curator insight, May 26, 8:47 PM

Have you considered having students use the Adobe Voice app (iPad) to create materials that others may use to review work? This post shares how one school has done this with 8th grade students and provides 3 videos embedded in the post as well as a link to a page where you can see more student work.

The post also discussed "four key proficiencies" that students may demonstrate as they create an Adobe Voice video:

* Symbolic and visual metaphor - in choosing images and/or icons  and their definitions of words students are demonstrating understanding of figurative meaning.

* Narrative - students narrate their story and provide images that seamlessly move from one point to another within the story.

* Text- students select key text, highlighting vocabulary.

* Design - students learn critical elements necessary to convey content. Elements may include, music, images, voice, color, transitions, layout and more.

Rescooped by Miloš Bajčetić from Online Learning and Beyond

Picle – Free App for Multimedia Presentation or Digital Storytelling

Picle – Free App for Multimedia Presentation or Digital Storytelling | Learning & Mind & Brain | Scoop.it

Paul Hamilton has share an app that can level the playing field for almost every learner.  Picle is a free app that helps learners put together digital stories or multimedia presentations easily by combining photos with audio narration and sound.  Imagine the creativity that could be generated with learners having the ability to express and share what they know with this easy to use app. As for teachers, Paul points out that they could present information to learners in multiple ways.

Paul has shared a video he created with Picle in his blog.  Check it out!

Via Kathleen McClaskey, Baiba Svenca, Deb, Naomi Harm, Carmella Doty
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