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Rescooped by Miloš Bajčetić from Moodle and Web 2.0

Convert Any Presentation Into a Talking Video in Your Preferred Language: SlideTalk.net



Via Robin Good, Marie-Hélène Fasquel, Juergen Wagner
Javier Arana's curator insight, July 3, 10:18 AM

Un manera de subir presentaciones, escribir texto y que una voz profesional de voz a texto grabe la presentación. La cuenta libre permite hasta 15 slides por presentación. Me parece, interesante. Lo comparto.

Minerva Bueno's curator insight, July 12, 9:19 AM

añada su visión ...

ManufacturingStories's curator insight, July 13, 9:54 AM

For more resources on Advanced Manufacturing and STEM Education visit http://bit.ly/1640Tbl

Rescooped by Miloš Bajčetić from Enterprise IT

Presentation Skills: Five Things You Need To Know About People To Deliver Great Presentations

Robin Good: A short video doodle illustrating how five underconsidered factors have tremendous impact on the quality of your presentations, whether online or live.


"Great presenters understand how people think, learn, and react. In this video Dr. Weinschenk shares 5 Things from her book, "100 Things Every Presenter Needs To Know About People".


Recommended. 9/10

Via Cornélia Castro, Paksorn Runlert, Robin Good, Ken Morrison, cbergamini
Lou Salza's curator insight, March 3, 2013 6:36 PM

Concise and and useful!

Ana Velazquez S's curator insight, March 20, 2013 4:29 PM

Habilidades necesarias para lograr una presentación exitosa con tu audiencia

Jean Luc lebrun's curator insight, June 9, 4:46 PM

Behind these video doodles is an fun company: www.truscribe.com

What is interesting here is that the video is in perfect sync with the audio - this is why it is so powerful..

More critically, something is missing from the video: a summary. The author summarizes with "So there you have it, five things you need to know about people in order to give a better presentation", followed by a rapid zoom out revealing briefly ALL the pictures from the storyboard - too many and too fast to be of use as a memory prop.

Five may be a small number, but for our limited memory - it is huge. We have to remember five more or less disconnected ideas: 20 minute chunks, eye competes with ear, your speech is only a part of whole message (see nice screen illustration at time 3:36), call them to action, people imitate your feelings. It feels like a bullet list. The video could have brought back 5 key images corresponding to the 5 points to help anchor them in our memory.

This is why I recommend that the "take-away" slide, a.k.a. the conclusion or summary slide, refreshes people's memory by bringing back small pictures of the key visuals of the presentation next to the text points that they helped make. It does not matter if they are not fully readable, their role is simply to jog memory.