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XF lens Fujifilm's whole body. This is why a standard range zoom and prime lenses some have been line-up so far, telephoto zoom system was released finally. Because it had been published previously in the lens roadmap Fujifilm-provided, of course, but also for everyone currently under consideration, all of you are using the X-Series feel lens that have been waiting for that me appeared or would not be. Lens attractive does have XF lens, but in the scene you want drawn to the subject at hand, it was the place I want a telephoto system still. Has a zoom range of 305mm from 84mm in 35mm format, because it is a spec of camera shake correction function with the 4.5 stage of Furthermore, it can you make it possible to shoot without being bound to the situation and time zone more than ever will. I did what you said I tried shooting in various conditions this time, depiction with the three-dimensional impression and dense and the strength of the backlight to the expected. It is in the presence of slightly larger certainly in the XF lineup of lenses, but also have this capability, and much more compact compared to the lens of the same class of single-lens reflex. I can say us to enable new shooting style, and reliable lens.

Via Thomas Menk