Best Quality Mirrorless Cameras
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Best Quality Mirrorless Cameras
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My Mirrorless Blog (Sigma, Sony, Fuji, Leica, etc.)

My Mirrorless Blog (Sigma, Sony, Fuji, Leica, etc.) | Best Quality Mirrorless Cameras |
Updated 07-15-16 I still own my Sigma DP3M. I sold the Sony, jumping out of the NEX/A6000 series for the Fuji which has much better lenses and customer service care. The quality of the Sigma DP3M is so good, even if it's a pain to use. I compared to all other cameras; such as the Sony A6000 and Fuji X-T10 in this blog entry. Although the latter two cameras are a joy to operate, the files do not compare to the Sigma Foveon Sensor quality. That being said, these cameras are small enough to have many brands to use. I'd use the Sony and Fuji for faster subjects and those in low light. I'd use the Sigma DP3M for times where detail and layered look are very important, like architecture and especially landscape. Every camera is a compromise. The Sony and Fuji have EVF, the Sigma doesn't. The battery life on Sigma is dismal, which is why they give two batteries. The Fuji colors are better than Sony, as is the retro designing. The Sony is more pocketable, but their kit lens is soft. Fuji lenses are sharper. There is still smearing in Fuji files when you zoom in. I notice this most when comparing the files against a DP Merrill file. 
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New Sony RX1 tests (some amazing pics and sick RX1 video by Philip Bloom) at sonyalpharumors

New Sony RX1 tests (some amazing pics and sick RX1 video by Philip Bloom) at sonyalpharumors | Best Quality Mirrorless Cameras |

Posted by Sony Alpha Rumors on November 25, 2012


(...) Also Yodbashi (translation here) posted a new RX1 shooting report. Check it out because some pics are amazing!
Darwinfish posted a short RX1 two low light video on youtube (and here is the second video). You can also see a first amateurish unboxing AF test. The sickest video has been shot by Philip Bloom -> Sorry for the bad joke Philip :)
Street Photography Workshops posted a short set of RX1 samples. Also Steve Huff posted some RX1 B&W pics."


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a collection of Sony RX1 goodies