SkullFilms Productions: CaptureOne 7.0.2 and the FujiFilm X-E1 short words.. | Daniel Blasko | Best Quality Mirrorless Cameras |

So I wanted to try what the forum writers call imposible, shoot action with the X-E1. To make it even harder I only have a non-TTL flash and really crappy indoor (cave) lighting conditions. I called up a friend and a really good skater, Daniel Blasko and he was up for the task.

We headed over to Area 51 in Gothenburg and did a quick two hour session. Basically the rundown is simple, I´ve been shooting skate, snowboard and in short.. everything that goes fast for over a decade now so the motivation and knowhow is not totally f-cked from my side when it comes to actually produces somewhat good pictures in this scenario.

My quick thought are.. flash.. problems and issues and my knowhow of this specific camera.. well there is a lot to wish in the knowledge area for this camera and Im not quite there to say the least. Cant get the flash to sync at all.. tried to do the best but It seems to lock on other settings that I cant find out within the menu system (during the started shoot). The camera is sloooow on autofocus even with the AE-L/AE-F button and I winded up trying to shoot totally manual.

The flash was stuck on 2nd curtain when I finally got it to sync, and sync only worked full to 1/125 after that.. well there were sporadic symptoms ;)

So what came out?

Did a mix of lenses and even tried out the new adapter for a couple of the Canon lenses.

Via Thomas Menk