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Before going further, what is meant by “Fast Approval”? Well – the term is used in a special sense here, in relation to approval of websites to be listed in the Web Directories, for being picked up and projected to the net visitor, by the Search Engines. Normally, it takes weeks, if not months for popular web directories to go through the contents of any website, submitted for listing under them and approve the submission. This is an indispensable task for websites to get recognized by the Search Engines, which is vital for attracting visitor-traffic to the site concerned, hugely.

The Web Directories can’t be blamed either, as they have the responsibility to evaluate the worth and genuine purpose of the site submitted for listing, and the queue-in-waiting is really long. So no wonder it takes time, to get the website listed in the appropriate niche or subject in that Web Directory, and achieve considerable visitor-traffic through the quality back-links, pointing to your site. The Master Directories of Web Directories is the source you can resort to, if you want good quality and high page ranking Web Directories, where you can submit your website.

Instead of going through this normal and usual route, are there any other short cuts for those website owners, who want their website indexed faster in the Search Engines? Yes – there is the route of submitting Back-links to the Instant Approval Web Directories, which can get you faster results in – say 24 hours at best. The same Master Directory of Directories can guide you in this regard, with the list of fast approval directories.

In the present day competition among the websites, where more and more websites are being created every day, it is but natural the urge for getting faster back-links, producing results of sizeable visitor-traffic is prevalent among website owners. The Search Engine Optimization techniques are varied and huge, where a separate Industry to render these services has emerged of late. What these professional SEO experts suggest is you can get fast approval of your back-links through article directories, which take comparatively lesser time for approval of the article carrying the back-link, pointing to your site.

When it is your objective to get more visitor traffic, there is no harm in trying this short-cut route by submitting quality articles with permanent back-links, directing every reader of the article clicking the back-link and landing at your site. This can be tried, apart from submitting your website in the normal route of paid Web Directories, and listing them there for the same purpose.

You can get formidable guidance and list of fast approval directories – both paid and free-service Web Directories from the Directory of Web Directories. By submitting your back-links to the free directories, you get the twin-gain of large volume of organic web visitors and also you get them absolutely free. More than anything, you save valuable time in achieving the end result – that is getting huge visitor-traffic instantly; and this is predominant reason why you should search for List of Fast Approval Directories.