Best Islamic Mobile Apps
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Best Islamic Apps for Android That Every Muslim Must Have

Best Islamic Apps for Android That Every Muslim Must Have | Best Islamic Mobile Apps |
Islam is the universal religion and Muslims lives in every part of
the world. The life becomes hectic day by day and Muslims didn’t get
much time to offer their prayers and other religious activates. By
analyzing this problem developed Islamic mobile apps.
Their apps guide Muslims in almost every aspect of religion. Few of
their apps got so much fame among Muslims and considered as the best Islamic mobile apps . Few of their Best Islamic apps are: Find Qibla Direction: Find
Qibla Direction mobile app helps Muslims in guiding direction of Qibla
and salat timings according to their present location. No matter where
you are and interested in offering prayer then this app will show you
the direction of Qibla. This app works online as well offline. Besides
this you can find the salat timings of any region, set alarm on any
salat that will beep at the time of salat. Download This App from Google Play Store Kids Dua Series: This
App contains the dua series for kids belong to every age group. Kids
are divided into 3 age groups 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 and duas are placed
according to the learning and understandability level of every age
group. This is amazing app for your kids; they can learn easily daily
routine with the help of dua’s tutor feature. Download This App from Google Play Store Last 20 Surahs: Last
20 Surahs is another famous app of, this app contains
the last 20 surahs of Quran, and these surahs are considered as
important because these surahs recited in almost every prayer. The app
contains translation and transliteration which helps those muslims who
are unable to understand and recite Arabic. Download This App from Google Play Store There
are many other Islamic applications developed by which
are helpful for Muslims. Every Muslim must have those apps. In our fast
life routine if we are unable to recite Quran then we must have those
apps to recite Quran, duas while traveling and to get reward from Allah.
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