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Apple's iPhone is a wonderful device and is the top smartphone in the world. It allows you to engage in quality phone calls and enjoy a wide variety of apps of different categories. Sometimes, phone calls can get quite expensive on your iPhone, or you may not have international calling privileges with your account. However, there are great apps you can download that allow you to call others. Some even allow you to see the other person via video calling. Here’s 5 great solution for the iPhone provided by our friends at PackNet – VoIP Providers. Skype
Skype is probably the most popular of all apps that allow you to enjoy free calls. It enables you to call another person by their cell phone number if they also have the app on their device or even via email so they can chat on their computer. There are additional features such as free instant messaging and video chats. You can use Skype via Wi-Fi, 3G or even EDGE mobile speeds. 
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Fring is absolutely free and allows iPhone users to make and receive calls. You can also engage in video calls and text messaging. However, the best feature of fring is that it allows you to enjoy a video call with as many as four people at once. This is an especially wonderful perk if you have to talk with several family members or friends at once. The app works on Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G connection speeds. 
Fring iTunes Download Link Tango Video Calls Tango Video Calls allows you to make and receive free video and voice calls directly from your iPhone. You can also send video messages for free, which is great if you are trying to reach someone who isn't available when you call them. You can even share your video message with multiple people. It runs on Wi-Fi and 3G. 
Tango iTunes Download Link ooVoo Video Chat ooVoo Video Chat not only allows you to have free video phone calls but offers it in high definition. You can have calls with up to 12 friends and can even make video calls to your Facebook friends directly from your iPhone. You can use the app with both your front- and rear-facing cameras. 

ooVoo iTunes Download Link Yahoo! Messenger Yahoo! Messenger - free SMS, video & voice calls allows you to not only text message people for free but also enables you to make and receive free voice and video calls. A person must be on your Yahoo! Messenger contact list for this to be possible. 
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