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The App Store holds a huge number of different apps that can entertain you when you have nothing to do and be useful in your everyday life. Among those useful apps we can mention those that can help you manage your personal finances or get the latest info on the world’s stock markets – if you’re interested.


There are thousands of financial apps on the App Store, and dozens of new ones are made each day, so it’s really hard to navigate through them. That’s why we’ve collected this list of the top 5 financial apps for the iPhone.
5) Bill Tracker Bill Tacker is an app designed to ensure that you never pay a bill late again. You simply input your bill details and set up reminders so that your phone will alert you when a bill needs paying. The app will tell you how much you owe and keep a track of your payment history.
4) Balance Few apps in the App Store are as simple or as easy to use as Balance. An app that lets you manually enter financial transactions gives you the feeling of being more directly in control of your finances, and this is what Balance offers. Whenever you make a purchase or pay a bill, you can input the details in to the app which will the recalculate your balance. A great app for keeping you in touch with finances.
3) iTrade If you are interested in investing in the stock market but are afraid to risk your own money, giveiTrade a try. The app lets you create and manage a stock portfolio and provides you with information, news and history graphs related to the markets. At the end of each month the app will calculate the top players. This app may be a game for mobile phones, but it is excellent for learning about the stock markets and preparing you for real investment.
2) PageOnce This app is the complete financial tool, allowing you to keep track of finances, pay bills on the move, organise accounts and keep tabs on investment portfolios. With this app you can organise and track everything from frequent flyer miles to mobile data allowance. A must have for every iPhone owner.
1) The mobile version of the popular computer-based personal financial management tools is the most user-friendly and efficient budgeting tool around. By signing up for a free account, this app allows you to connect securely with multiple accounts and track and manage expenditures. You can manually enter cash transactions and see how much money you have available to spend on certain areas of your budget, for example, food or petrol. The app is free from the App Store and a must have for everyone.