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Chrome for iOS has been released but it is not living upto the expectations of the users. According to users Apple's dogma lead to the poor performance of Chrome browser. Ever since the release, developers have been making changes to it in by adding some features like it should have been there before. Google's Chrome was release during the I/O when Google released two apps for iOS devices. Google Chrome and Google Drive. The iOS version of Google Chrome Browser is not as impressive as the desktop version becasue of Apple's restriction on iOS apps.

To make chrome more dynamic and useful, developers have already released many tweaks like browser changer that allows users to make chrome the default browser, ChromeMe allows users to open links in Chrome from Safari simply by checking in the options bar where a new option of open in chrome will be available.

Chromizer is a new cydia tweak that uses Grant Paul(Chpwn's) modified version of PullToRefresh and adds cool features to chrome. It makes chrome for iPad and iPhone more lively. Chromizer makes chrome for iOS and even better browser by adding the following : 

Full scfreen mode(toggle with three finger tap) Pull to refresh Changes the tab switching from the side animation on the iPad to look like the iPhone one. You can download Chromizer for iPhone and iPad for free form Cydia ModMyi repo.