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Installing applications in Cydia is easy but what if you don't get enough time to visit Cydia store often to check for any updates on the tweaks and themes installed on your device ? What if your busy schedule keeps you off the Cydia Store and when you visit it you find list of apps and tweaks with updates ? Shouldnt there be a tweak that gives you notifications just like you receive a notification when there is an update for your AppStore applications ?
The solution for the above situation is here. A new Cydia tweak Aptdate notifies you with banner notifications for any cydia updates. You can configure how often you want the app to check for updates in Cydia. Aptdate basically check for updates in the Cydia repos and alerts you with a notification banner so you can visit Cydia and install the update. This tweak is simply amazing. The only configurable settings are to enable or disable notifications.
Cydia Description Banner notifications for Cydia package updates are finally here! This tweak checks the stock Cydia repos for updates in the background and alerts you if any of your packages require updating.
If you like this tweak, send a thanks tweet to the developer - Adam
Aptdate is free tweak available in Cydia Store