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Webr for iPhone and iPad Create beautiful websites from your iOS device using Webr on iPhone and iPad free download AppStore link for Webr Website designing apps for iPhone and iPAd...


Are you a web developer who spends time in designing websites or a casual user who wants to set up a website for personal reasons? Webr for iPhone and iPad lets you design adn create amazing websites within minutes. There are four simple setps to crate a website using Webr on iPhone and iPad. Don't worry if you don't have much knowledge about webr, the application will show you templates and you can select the one you like and then create your website. It rearlly is as simple as this. You might be wondering if this application truely works as intended, let me tell you something. All you have to do when creating a website with Webr is to add a title to your website then add image or text or blog pages and then you need to select a template which is called as theme ad finally publish it. One your website is published, it is live and anyone around the global can access it.

iTunes Description

Create beautiful websites in minutes. Webr helps you create, publish and edit, dynamic websites from your iPhone or your iPod touch. Using our intuitive Themes, you can create, not just Blogs but full working websites, viewable in any browser on the computer. You don’t need to be an expert in making websites; no knowledge of design or coding is required. Download webr and follow the four simple steps. It’s that easy to create and upload your own website!


Gallery of beautiful website themes Easily add Text, Image pages and Blog entries Choose your own unique website URL Assign a date Unlimited number of pages Unlimited number of Blog posts Link facebook and twitter to your website No forced advertising Powerful cloud hosting Fast & helpful support

4 Simple Steps To Create a website Using Webr

Title your website. Add Image, Text or Blog pages. Choose a Theme. Publish.