The winter goes - but will come back! | Berlin Life Style |

As I sit here and write this, for the first time this year I suffer from strips of sun shining through my window shades, disturbing the free view on my computer screen. This is now to stay for the next 8 months! Sun on the windows every afternoon. Or nearly. Moving the screen around to escape the overboarding light.

How nice has it been, during the last dark months, living in the caverns of cinemas, clubs, bars and lounges.

Berlin is a city that gleams in the dark and from the dark (if you can do that at all). The beauty of the city emerges especially in the winter, when light is scarce. Fassbinder’s Berlin soap ‘Alexanderplatz’ showed the city in so dark light that spectators were forced to take their sunshades off to see the movie. This triggered an intense discussion which filled a whole dark winter. This is what I call Gemütlichkeit. Or have you ever seen Gemütlichkeit in the plain sun?

Now, today, I see people and birds sitting outside in the sun, although the airs are only slightly warmer than ice cream. By the way, ice cream is good business these days, as many gulp it down in quantities. They do so probably because they long for the good old cold and dark. How nice it has been! How crisp and sharp and challenging!

But it will come back. Certainly during the next weeks it will be suddenly freezing. But definitely in 8 months time my screen will be without anoying sprinkles of sun again. Clear view! Looking forward to it!